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Our Pixie Vacations travel agent was awesome!

Our Pixie Vacations travel agent was awesome! I had no clue on where to start when planning our trip. She met with me and I told her everything we wanted and our budget. She helped me plan a great trip for my family that we all enjoyed!

She did everything from planning our trip, setting up a stroller to arrive at
our resort, setting up our magic bands, made all our character reservations
and even made us a spreadsheet on what days to attend what parks, times of
parades and special events. Since we planned our trip 6 months in advance,
she kept us updated on any specials going on and checked in with me every
few weeks. I didn’t have to do any planning for our trip, she did it all! Our
trip was perfect, we had a great time, made tons of memories and never
once stressed about anything! My family is already talking about our next
trip and I will definitely be contacting Tabitha to plan it for us!

The Wilsons

Thanks Pixie Vacations

Staying at Disney for 11 days we had many things planned.  Kristin took care of all of our food reservations, the Halloween party, and the Christmas Party, the Pirates League, and BBB, Magic bands, and how to try to get the best our of our party tickets, oh and a couple of surprises that my husband and I couldn’t keep from each other and we put Kristin in the middle to be the secret keeper!  My kids had a blast and are still talking about the trip and when they get to go back.  There are times when I wish we would have gone with a moderate hotel, however we were only in it to sleep so I don’t think that we missed out on much.  Since we have been home my son has started signing his name with the Disney D b/c he enjoyed the trip so much!  Now we have to decide when the next trip is!

Wonderful travel agent

I put my wonderful agent at Pixie Vacations to the test this trip. What started as a 7 person trip dwindled to 2 soon before the dates, and Tabitha was pleasant, patient,
prompt, and extremely helpful through all of the changes we made. Our room
requests and dining reservations were all set… and changed… and reset with
no hiccups. Disney sent us the wrong tags for Magical Express, and the same
day she was on the phone getting new ones expedited. She truly saved me
hours of having to spend time on the phone with Disney. At the end of it all,
I really felt bad for her having me as a client.

We ended up with a lovely room for 2 with a great view of the quiet pool in
Caribbean Beach. It was a nice getaway after the hustle and bustle in the
parks.  >> Jennifer

Thanks Pixie Vacations for a magical Disney World Vacation

I was very skeptical about using a travel agent because I usually enjoy the planning part of a vacation and like to be in control over all the details. However a friend of mine
passed on Tabitha’s name, from Pixie Vacations, so I gave it a shot. I am so thankful I did!! Tabitha handled all the reservations for me, took care of checking me in online, plus so much more! I was thrilled when she sent me an email to let me know that she had gotten my room at a lower rate AFTER the original reservations had already been made.

To go to the trouble of re-doing my reservations when I didn’t even know there was a discount to be had was above the call of duty! It saved us money to splurge on other things. This would have been reason enough to use a travel agent but she did so much more than that! Tabitha checked in with me on a regular basis to see if I needed any help with planning things. I thought I would be able to plan the rest of my trip on my own, but real life always gets in the way and before I knew it all dinner reservations had been snatched up. I contacted Tabitha thinking I would just be out of luck but she worked some magic and got me the two dinner reservations I wanted. She also sent me info regarding the new magic bands being used which I would not have known about on my own. Planning a Disney vacation was way more complex than any other vacation I have ever planned in my life! Having an insider to provide me with information I would not otherwise know about was invaluable. Those magic bands made our trip a huge success!! Right before my trip however, there was a huge hiccup concerning linking my magic bands to my park tickets.

I thought I was going to miss out on planning my fast passes ahead of time. Tabitha
contacted Disney on my behalf several times until the issue was resolved. That meant so much to me and not just because the issue was resolved. More importantly, I would have been so aggravated/frustrated/panicked waiting on the phone dealing with this. Instead I had the luxury of carrying on with my day while Tabitha dealt with the hassle. She also helped me with deciding on some fast passes. Her best suggestion was a fast pass for meeting Belle. I would have never thought to use a fast pass for this instead of a ride.

My daughter loved getting to meet Belle and even got the opportunity to be the horse in the play! That is a memory I will never forget. My family had a wonderful time at
Disney and the whole trip went so much smoother than I anticipated. I know this would not have been the case without Tabitha’s assistance and I will never plan another Disney vacation without her!

Pixie Vacations Disney World Trip Review

I wanted to take a few minutes to express my gratitude to Amy St Jean for assisting us with our Disney trip this past September.

My husband and I both work full time, and frankly did not have the time to plan a Disney vacation.  From the moment we began working with Amy, we realized how much Disney has changed since our last visit (over 20 years ago).  We were extremely grateful that Amy had the knowledge and know-how to book us the Disney vacation we had envisioned!  She gave me pointers and advice throughout the planning process, and seemed to answer my questions before I could even ask them!  This service was amazing, and we truly appreciated all the guidance and expertise Amy was able to provide.

I was impressed with Amy’s assistance before we left for our trip…but became amazed with her compassion, concern and dedication to solve problems while we were in Disney!  My family and I arrived late on a Sunday evening, checked into our hotel and decided to have dinner at the hotel.  While waiting for a table at 8:00 pm (with two small, very hungry children) we learned our meal plan had not been included on our wrist bands or room cards.  Needless to say, after all day in the car with small hungry children, I panicked.  I called Amy immediately.  And she was THERE!  She not only answered my call on a Sunday night, but gave me advice on how to proceed until things could be sorted out on Monday.  After quite a few calls between Amy and the hotel manager, everything was resolved.  The front desk at the Contemporary literally cleared our account and started from scratch as it had become such a mess!   I was so impressed that Amy was available and that she willingly tackled the problem.  After everything was back on track, Amy followed up just to make sure we were enjoying our trip!

This was above and beyond anything I could expect with a travel agency!  Amy did a wonderful job ensuring my family vacation was the vacation of a lifetime!  For that I will be forever grateful for her hard work!  And for putting up with me!

Thanks so much for everything!








Pixie Vacations Disney World Vacation Was Top Notch

From start to finish, Debbie at Pixie Vacations helped my husband and I plan every detail of our Disney vacation.  Not only were we traveling with our two young sons but also both sets of grandparents.  We had a wide age gap and Debbie helped us make dinning decisions and hotel accommodations which suited everyone. We were totally exhausted by our final day, but that goes to show you what a magical vacation it was.  Thanks again Debbie and Pixie Vacations!!! 
Hunsinger Family

Pixie Vacations Disney World Vacation Fantastic Job

Seriously, Our agent at Pixie Vacations did a fantastic job.  I have enough to worry about running a company, so the last thing I want to worry about is vacation plans – I just want to show up and enjoy.  She was quick with booking things for us and easy to get in touch with (even when I needed her in a panic because I couldn’t figure out how to get my Florida resident ticket  at will call).  Perfect time in the magic world of Disney for my mother and myself.  We are looking forward to planning a bigger/longer trip with our entire family sometime in 2015 – and we will be returning to Pixie Vacations for another booking.